Our Values and Mission

​Bubbles & Tea makes fun and tasty beverages that are specialty handcrafted for the individual customer. Our refreshing drinks are also perfect for families.​


We are dedicated to providing high quality, delicious drinks and we refuse to compromise by always using the best ingredients to create our drinks and snacks. Our drinks are customizable to create the perfect drink that fits you.


We love what we do and we want to bring that joy and enthusiasm to all our customers. This is why are staff are well-trained and provide friendly service to our customers. We hope you can come and experience our passion and love for recreating Taiwan's authentic drinks and snacks.


We believe that food and drinks are better when shared and enjoyed with family and friends. This is why we provide a comfortable hangout space for people to enjoy our drinks and snacks. We even provide free wifi!

​We look forward to seeing you in our store and we value all our customers and hope to bring a bit of joy and fun into your lives through our food and drink.


I strive to create drinks that everyone will enjoy by using high quality, natural ingredients and refusing to compromise on taste and quality. I want to give customers the best because they deserve the best.

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Our Story

Bubbles & Tea was created to bring Taiwan here, allowing customers to experience the Taiwanese culture through food and drink. Bubbles & Tea wanted to spread the Taiwanese culture sharing it with the community as well as helping people reconnect with their culture. It is a place that is open to everyone. This is why many of our snacks and drinks use authentic ingredients sourced from Taiwan, to bring that culture here and share it with the community.